jeremy davies as peter bernardone 2x08 su-zakana

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asha-volca-nova replied to your post: Maybe its not a wise choice for asha-v…

Uh, not if I cuddle YOU to death first. Watch you back, beignet.

Are you proposing a cuddle war? @___@ U UNDERESTIMATE MY LOVE FOR YOU CUPYCAKE

Maybe its not a wise choice for asha-volca-nova to visit in me in person I’ll probably cuddle her to death

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Mads’s 2013 doodle. What the Hell, Mads.



immensely pleasing photos of mads part 25 of ?? ???? ?

he looks so tiny in this one 

hannibal: how would you kill me?
will: i'd do it with my hands
hannibal: haha, and then what? ;)



Would you like a drink?

i cannot believe you went there but i am so happy you did

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don’t you hate it when you’re just trying to pet a lamb and a social worker climbs out of the horse corpse next to you

I know I was not the only one

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