murder husbands sketch


Chlton : Damn right.


You know Hannibal has taken a left turn when a good portion of an episode is dedicated to Hannibal Lecter’s WTF face.



What is the heir to the Verger Meat Packing dynasty doing at my door?

Pusher II" Premiere, December 16, 2004

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Hannibal TV Line interview: sex with Hannibal

Bryan: If you met Mads and you didn't know he ate anybody, wouldn't you want to shag him rotten?
Caroline: Absolutely!
Aaron: Someone who says they wouldn't have sex with Hannibal is...
Scott: Even if I knew he was a killer, I'd have sex with him. I mean, that's hotter.
Scott: (to Caroline) What kind of sex do you think you guys would have had?
Caroline: ... really awesome sex.
Scott: I know, but like... weird?
Aaron: Oh.
Scott: Like, kinky?
Bryan: Like in the butt?
Scott: That's not weird.
Aaron: (laughing) In the butt!
Interviewer: ...I think I'm gonna start wrapping this up.


Preller is totally canon at SDCC 2014 [x]