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i’ve finally found my aesthetic:



“Mads has a terrifying subtlety and as the episodes go on, you start seeing the way a person can command other people by doing practically nothing and terrifying the sh*t out of you. He is the most astonishingly subtle performer with the most incredibly keen sense of what his face can do and how his words can form. He has a mission. Nothing is by chance. I truly believe as long as we have success in seasons that Mads will become the defining face of Hannibal Lecter.”  

David Slade



will constantine requested by anon

that is actually how he’s going to look like when we get to the red dragon part :/

Why did I ever take a break from this fandom

this is the best fandom

y did I leave ahaha

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I think the reason why Mads is the actually the best with fans is because HE UNDERSTAND. Getting an autographed picture from Scott Wilson for his son showed it all.


He does. In his own words: “I know how much it means to other people. I see it on my kid Carl’s face — if a soccer player shakes his hand, it makes his day. If fans make an effort to stand by a door or write you a letter, I think you have to have the courtesy to answer. Obviously I’m not Brad Pitt; if the pile is two million letters per day you can’t do it.”


I love this man so much XD [x]

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